Owner, Arrow Fletcher

Bullseye Archery was founded March 2015 to help promote archery in Santa Cruz County and beyond. We have all of your archery needs, no matter your style or interests including: hunting, target shooting, competitions, crossbows, primitive archery, and more.  We are members of Santa Cruz Archers club, which is located in DeLaveaga County Park, Santa Cruz.   We are also members of California Bowhunters/State Archery Association and the National Field Archers Association (NFAA)

 Larry Spittler

 Owner, Bow Technician

Archer since childhood.

Is a compound bow technician,  instructor and previous bow hunter.

Store Manager, Buyer

 Karen Williams  


Archer since 2008 competing in local, state, and national competitions.  USA Archery Level 2 certified instructor since 2013.

Meet the AVID archers behind it all

Bullseye Archery

About us

Archer and instructor beginning 2007.  Competing in local and state competitions since 2011.   USA Archery Level 2 certified instructor since July 2014.

​​Archer, instructor, and technician. Competing in local, state, and national competitions.

Gabrielle Garrett

   Jeanne Burke