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All arrow work can be completed by the next day in most cases. For new arrows that are already fletched, we finish them for you at the time of purchase or by the end of the day if you can't wait.

Arrow Repairs: Minimum cost of $2.00 per arrow, depending on services and parts needed.

Tuning / Set Up:   $60.00 for bows purchased outside of store

                               FREE for bows purchased in our store

Set Up: $3.00 for string nock locator. Arrow rest placement $3.99 for plastic rest, $9.99 for Bear hair rest and plate, $22.49 for natural feather rest with calf hair plate. We also carry a variety of screw-in rests for take-down bows, flip rests, and brush rests.

Replacement bowstrings: $10.99 stock strings to $39.00 for locally custom-made strings. We carry a wide variety of lengths and types, including Dacron B-50, Fast Flight, and Flemish Twist.

Arrow building and repair

In-store custom fletching: Any combination of feathers or plastic vanes selected from our store, using quality fletching glue. Ask for straight or helical position. 6 for $20 or 12 for $40. We have bare shafts for sale or you can bring your own shafts to fletch in the colors and length of your choosing.

New D-Loop installed: $15.00 

New peep installed: $10.00

Note:  Custom replacement bowstrings and cable sets usually run $100 - $140.  Some may be covered by warranty if you are the original owner.

Recurve and Longbow

Replacement of Bowstrings and/or Cables: $15 - $35 labor cost, plus cost of replacement parts which varies depending on the bow.

Compound Bows and Crossbows

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Fletched arrows bought in our store: Sized for the archer, cut and inserts glued in for free. We have a wide variety of points to choose from which are an additional cost. Basic screw-in field points are usually $0.95 each. We also carry a wide variety of bullet points, traditional points, Top Hat screw-in points, and glue-in points.