3/19/2020   Store broken into during the night or early morning.  21 bows were stolen.  Nothing else.  Damage to door. The store will be fine and is adding more security.  Thank you to our customers for your support and concern.  If you want to help us look for stolen goods we can send you a detailed list.

Bullseye Archery


Here are items at our store at discount prices right now:
- Damon Howatt Savannah, RH longbow, 35 lb was $795, now $750.
- X-Spot Pro Arrow Saw with foot pedal and extra blade, slightly used. New: $200 Our price: $120
- Last Chance Vane Master Pro Fletching Jig, used. List price: $299 Our price: $99
- Carter Evolution + 2 Smooth tension release with safety, blue, new. List price: $219 Our price: $119
- Carter Only Back Tension release, 3 finger, small. (includes parts & tools) List price: $139 Our price: $99
- Easton Elite Field quiver w/ belt, black, RH  New: $99.99 Our price: $75
- Easton Elite Takedown Hip Quiver with belt, white, RH  New: $119.99 Our price: $85
- Easton Elite Release Pouch, black    List price: $24.99 Our price: $20
- Axcel Achieve XP Carbon Bar Compound Sight, RH, Purple/Black 9" with extras and case, new. List price: $449.99 Our price: $299!

ALL of our vane fletching inventory on CLEARANCE for $2.40 per dozen or .20 each. We are seriously overstocked and have many brands, colors, types, sizes.

If you are able to come take a look, set up a time with Gabrielle at bullseyearchery1@gmail.com for individual times.  The store is not currently open during business hours. 


Would you like to be a certified Level 1 Archery Instructor for your organization or for self improvement?

USA Archery Instructor Level 1 Training will be offered at our store.   4/18/2020 training is POSTPONED UNTIL "SHELTER IN PLACE" ORDER IS LIFTED.

Cost: $75 to include all instructor materials and archery equipment for training.  Hours: 8:00AM - 4:00PM.  For ages 18 to adult only.  To see more about the training go to:  https://www.usarchery.org/coaches/become-a-coach/level-1-instructor-certification 

Sign up sheet at store range or email to bullseyearchery1@gmail.com 

8/26/18  New black cell foam target wall installed!   Can withstand up to 80lb DW bow arrows.  Field points only.​

7/1/18    The store and range closed on July 4th for first time.   Street parade day.

3/10/18   Bullseye Archery invites all customers to 3rd Anniversary Celebration with all day party refreshments and archery games to play on range!  

12/4/17    Store and range will be open Sundays and Mondays through December 24 for Christmas shoppers!

​3/11/17    Celebrating our 2 Year Anniversary with a store wide party, free range time, archery games!  

11/12/16   Archery range open to the public for first time!

​11/10/16   Store and range will be open EVERY day November 24 to December 24, EXCEPT December 4.


9/29/2016   Work starts on new archery range!

​​​​​​​​9/15/16    Our new website launched today!   We will be opening an indoor range in November!

3/1/2015   New Archery Store opens doors for first time at 5299 Scotts Valley Dr,  Scotts Valley, CA